1988 K5 Blazer 5.7 liter fuel economy listings ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Forums' started by JTward1, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. JTward1

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    Hi Folks,
    I've been looking all over the web looking for fuel economy / fuel standards on my 1988 K5 Blazer or a V10 vehicle. I did find a listing for a 6.2 liter engine, but none for a 5.7 TBI engine. Can someone point me in the right direction ? Thank you !
  2. thegawd

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    theres a couple ordering brochures there for the k5. no where does it state the mileage. I think theres to many variables, or rather options available to give an accurate mileage reading. hmmm I checked the net and didnt come to any real conclusions. did they list this info in the 80's?

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