1988 v3500 Crew Cab 4x4 7.4liter 4 speed Std Trans.

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    So I just recently bought myself a new to me truck! As stated in the heading its a 1988 V3500 truck. I was under the impression before buying it that it was a K3500, but turns out the title says V3500. Still looking for information as to what the V stands for. Truck has been sitting for about 4 or 5 years so I am doing ALOT of work to it. Started with replacing the clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, and clutch assembly, as well as resurfacing the fly wheel. Just got it all put back together this past weekend. Just waiting on a new drive side exhaust manifold to come in so I can put the y pipe back up. I have a few questions about some dash lights that are currently not working in my truck. Aside from my high indicator light, and turn signals, nothing works. I am pretty sure its and obd I emmision vehicle, so I should have a check engine light??? I have never owned a truck this old and would like some input from anyone who has a vehicle within similiar age, what lights do you have come on with initial KOEO (key on engine off) Thanks in advance for everyones input! I will attempt to up load some pics tonight.

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    Heres the picture I think.

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    Well, interesting. I had to google it, but it appears the C/K models were renamed R/V to separate the end of one generation of truck from the new gen of C/K trucks that sold along side the old gen for one year.
    The old gen being R/V, the new was the C/K
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    The lights are most likely burned out you will have to open up the dash and replace them.
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    I will start at the bulbs right after I fix the loose bolts in my steering column that these trucks get plagued with. Thx for the quick response.

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    I will start at the bulbs right after I fix the loose bolts in my steering column that these trucks get plagued with. Thx for the quick response.
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    '88 and '89 were the transition years. I have an '89 K2500. The parts for the '88 and '89 are usually listed separately or have some kind of notation on them whenever you go looking for parts. You have to get parts specifically for that year and model. In some cases the parts are a little more expensive, in others, nonexistent. The scrap yard can be your best friend.

    Also, the repair manuals will have instructions and diagrams showing the specific differences between the R/V and C/K models (belt diagrams, wiring, etc...).

    Good luck.

    Your pictures didn't come through for me. Maybe if you could post a picture of your gauge cluster, I could see if it matches up to my '89.
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    here is another try at the pics. 1988.jpg 1988-1.jpg
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    A little ruff but it can be a Sweet ride...
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    notpilbrisk - in response to the question that I received from you - here is a photo of the manual I have:
    Inside you will find separate images and instructions for the different R/V and C/K models:
    101_2192_2.jpg 101_2193_2.jpg 101_2195_2.jpg
    And inside is your instrument cluster:
    And my instrument cluster:

    Hope this helps

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