1989 chevy 1500 gas tank installation problems

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by poison0046, May 20, 2009.

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    I am working on a 1989 chevy 1500. It had what looks almost like a "custom homemade" tank in it that was held up by its own mounts, not straps. The gas tank was faulty/poorly built, so i decided to replace it and not fix it. I ordered a new 23 gallon tank and some straps. Here is where i run into some problems; the straps did not come with any rubber/cushion and i am wondering if i need to put something there to keep it from rubbing through. I also do not know were the straps attach to the underbody. The straps are just two long strait pieces of steel, I think that they need to be formed around the gas tank but am not sure. One of the straps has a stud on it strait off the end and the other has one end bent up at a 90 degree. I don't know what side of the tank each should go on. I looked in my manual only to find simple instructions of support tank and remove straps then lower tank, installation is reverse of removal. I then searched around online but cannot find any diagrams or illustrations of the gas tank installed or any better instructions.
    Any help would be appreciated!!!


    Ok, I will get some rubber . But I can't look at worn spots to see were the straps go because the last tank DID NOT have straps, it was held in by mounts attached to the side of the tank and then to the frame rails. There is no spot that looks like the straps attach to on those frame rails. Are there hangers attached to the frame rails that the straps attach too?
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    Yes, on each strap from the 90 to the 90 should be a thin layer of rubber to keep the strap from rbbing on the tank and also for some noise reduction. I believe but not sure on that year, they should mount to the upper brackets that go from side to side on the underbody? Look up/under where the previous tank was and see if there are welded nuts to this support or are there any marks from the old tanks nuts/bolts? Again not sure on that year.......
    You can get yourself some rubber matting for the straps or take some thin wall hose and split it down the middle and just place it at the 90 degrees then strap the tank down when you find its mountiing locations, they should be there....

  3. JMoney02

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    The tank should have two area's that are concave and thats where the straps ride on, the ends that you mention may also come together to meet and then are are attached, that way they would slide through a area above and below the body through the crossover supports. There has to be some previous worn areas on the truck to show a possible place for the tank.....

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    Do you have a friend with a similar truck? You could see what it is supposed to look like. Is your truck a short bed? I'm pretty sure long bed has 34 gallon tank, short bed 23.
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    Photos of 1989 Fuel Tank

    Here are some photos, I did these for the new exhaust. I will try to get better ones of the tank mount.

    You can see one of the strap mounts to the dross member. the second mount is under the cab..

    Any suggestions on sizing the images?

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    check the dates. I got this taken care off along time ago man. I needed the front support that the strap attaches to. www.LMCTRUCK.com had all the parts I needed that the place my step dad got the tank from didn't have, they also sent us the wrong tank so he had to mail it back and get the right one. LMC Truck made this happen, they are awesome for parts on this truck.

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