1989 Silverado 4WD actuator question

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by WPG, Feb 25, 2009.

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    I have 1989 Chevy Silverado,5.7 auto 4 speed, i bought about 6 months ago. Was told the actuator was bad before i bought it. He was pulling the fuse so it wouldnt stay in 4wd. problem: my 4wd floor shifter has a set of lights that indicate whether its in 4wd or 2wd. If the fuse is inserted all the lights indicate its in 4wd after about 20 30 secs. So i bought an actuator, installed. have same issue. i unplugged the actuator harness to check voltage with fuse in, 12 volts. took acuator out to make sure it was working, just turn key on with the fuse in about 20 30 secs it slowly comes out. while i had the actuator out, i looked at the shifter lighting, it showed it was in 2wd. I spun the front wheels while it was out, they both spun independent and the front drive shaft did not spin. i pushed in the cylinder with a screwdriver acting like i was the actuator it would do just as expected turn a wheel the other would turn and the drive shaft would turn as well. In short it seems as if im getting voltage/signal all the time to the actuator to deploy even if the shifter is in 2wd??? I have read several articles that guys have put in a toggle switch just to power on the actuator leaving the fuse in to light up the floor shifter indicator etc. But i would really like to figure out whats causing the actuator to stay deployed all the time if the fuse is in. other than this the 4wd system works great, no grinding, shifts in and out fine. any ideas?


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