1990 1500 4x4 Suburban : do I have the "tow package"?

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    How do I determine if I have the "towing package" on my 1990 Suburban 1500 4x4?

    Thanks to another posting here, I have figured out that I have the GT4 (3:73) gears. What else would I look for to figure this out.

    It looks like I have a transmission cooler... is that the little radiator looking thing in front of the radiator? That wouldn't be anything else would it? It looks like the 2 hoses that come out of it run to the top of where the oil filter gets screwed in.

    Thanks for your help.


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    I forgot to ask ... did these trucks come with different transmissions depending on the package?

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    Ross....to know for sure if your 90" Suburban has the Factory Tow Package....you will look inside your Glove Box and look for....RPO Code....Z82 which is the Factory Tow Package.

    Also if you go to the Below Link and enter your Suburban's Vin#.....it will show you what your Ride came with from the factory....From Engine,Transmission,Gears and Tow Package to the Color of your Interior,

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    Welcome to the club Ross. The only part I can answer is about the oil cooler. This is the engine oil cooler you're seeing if the lines are going to the adapter above your oil filter. If you have the trans cooler, it should be in the passenger side radiator tank & there should be 2 lines screwed into that tank that go down to the passenger side of the transmission.

    **edit A previous owner could have added an auxillary transmission cooler (in addition to, or in place of the original) so look for anywhere someone may have tapped into the cooler lines that go to the trans on the passenger side. If the plumbing looks too complicated from up above, then slide under it & follow the lines from the trans foreward. Sometimes they will just tap into the line & add an auxillary cooler, & others will not use the radiator intank cooler at all & just cut the lines & plumb them to an auxillary cooler with hose.
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  4. ross

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    Great. Thanks very much for your help. I will check both of those things out.

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