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    someone please help i have a 1990 w/t chevy 1500 pu,4.3 tbi m/t , it all started one day and the truck started to hesitate and never been the same since and i have changed almost every part on the system,it keeps coming up code 45 its a rich code,but the truck put me broke lol,I have put these parts new,rebuilt computer,o2 sensor,plugs,wires,new distributor,coil,map sensor,tps sensor,iac sensor,and the fuel pressure is 13 psi at all times,3 sets of injectors,cat converter,computer chip,Im so fustrated i dont know what to do someone please help.Buy the way when the service engine light comes on the truck runs excellent all help is appreciated
  2. unplugged

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    OBDI code 45

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    If the EGR valve isn't working properly it will cause a rich condition to occur. I replaced the distributor, plug wires, and plugs. I finally gave up and took it to the dealer. Now my truck runs real good after the EGR valve was replaced.

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