1990 RPO codes ?????

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  1. JTward1

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    While finding out what each RPO was on the glove box door, I ran across this one : C5G GVW Rating (5600) LB. GVWR 9C5G)

    What the heck is this and why was it an option in 1990 ? Another one is :V22 ? OR :K60 ? and RPO: N67 or : 1SE ? what the heck do these things go to ?
    RPO GU6 I know that is the ratio of the rear differential is 3:42. But this one E63 Body Equitpment ????? What heck is that Body side/ below eyeline molding ? Who's eyes ? cause at the leve they at my cat see's over top of them????

    Or are some of these just a way to keep the price of the truck well past logical level. Eye level or not ! I need some help here . . . .:sign0021:

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    The RPO Codes you've listed above come-up as the following,



    K60 : GENERATOR, 100 AMP


  3. RayVoy

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    V22 = Chrome grill
    K60 = 100 amp alternator
    N67 = Rally wheels
    1SE = Option package 5 (this is year dependent)
    E63 = Body equipmt Fleetside bed (the smooth side bed)

    Try this: http://www.rpocodes.com/

    Edit: gotta get up early to beat Mike, hahaha
  4. JTward1

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    Thank you Gentleman,
    Do or does GM still add so many RPO to their production cars & trucks ? It seems like a lot of a little to me. N67 was gone by the time I bought the truck, (Oddly enough though I bought a full set about a month ago) and am going to have the new B.F.Goodrich long trails I bought about 500 miles ago mounted shortly.

    But what is the purpose of RPO: C5G the 5600 Lbs option? I mean if I didn't want this option what would the difference be ? What are this option use for ?

    Thank you gents,
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  5. RayVoy

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    Well every truck has a weight limit, yours happens to be 5600 lbs, other trucks could have been optioned for more, or less weight. The difference would be suspension hardware (springs, etc) at the front and rear.
  6. JTward1

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    Hi Ray,

    Well OK, what if I wanted to change the springs in the back, do I need to get it weighted or inspected to have a lower or higher weight category ? My technician told me to not put the Class 2 sticker on the windshield as it is permanent. All of the toll roads traveled on base the toll off of that class 2, even if I'm not towing or hauling anything. So I should just leave it in the papers in the glove box. The glove box, right where all the other crazy codes live !:lol:
  7. RayVoy

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    Using the RPO codes site that I listed in post #3, shows RPO C5A through to C5Z, all different GVWs (Gross Vehicle Weight). Each GVW RPO is an engineered assembly of components for each vehicle model. Many different models and many different years might use C5G, but the parts would be different for different models and years.

    To answer your question, you would need the hardware list of parts for the GVW you wanted to change to.
  8. JTward1

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    Thank you !

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