1990 Silverado Wiring Diagrams

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    Hi all,

    I'm looking to see if anyone has any diagrams they can share or at the very least post where they have been able to get good diagrams for the interior and bay of a 1990 Silverado. I'm helping a friend redo his as I am very familiar with the FWD Dodge wiring. However, he has TONS of stuff in the harness I don't think he needs and before I go and start removing (professionally) things that are out of scope for his truck, I was hoping to see how the factory harness diagrams are.

    His project is an older 57 truck body that has been fit to a truckframe. Someone had helped him before with the wiring and he's lucky the car didn't ground out a wire or two and burn it to the ground.

    I have done plenty of wiring on my car, but with the responsibility of someone else's things, I want to be very cautious about this.

    Thanks for any help any of you can provide.

    I made this harness from a factory lower harness on my Charger. I shortened, adjusted for length and re-terminated all the wires going to the alternator, MAP sensor, HEP, water temp, etc. If I post what my friend has for his, it will look like a spool exploded. :D

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    Look in THIS THREAD for wiring diagrams and most other repair info.

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