1990 suburban sle Vibration

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by crazyboy, Mar 23, 2009.

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    Hello all. I just bought a 1990 gmc suburban sle, 5.7 4wd auto. My problem Im having is at about 25 mph I am getting a good vibration, it lasts til about 35 mph, then smooths out, at 45 starts again and seems to just stay there , whats strange to me is it seems to be tied in with how much throttle Im giving it, if Im easy on the gas it seems that the vibration is less, if im in the gas, the worse the vibration, but none the less it smooths out. I have checked the U joints, tranny mount,engine mounts, they all seem fine, the only thing I have found so far are few uneven tread wear patterns on the rear tires, but they arent extreme, the differential angle is not extreme, has stock suspension, Im just not sure what it is, it has 31/10.5/15s on it, baja somethings,lol, im just wondering if anyone has had a issue like this, what puzzles me is it smooths out, then all of a sudden vibration ,any help is appreciated.
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    Usually an unbalanced wheel will shake at low speed, go away, and come back at a higher speed. Try balancing the wheels.
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    i would have to agree start with a wheel balance it can make a huge difference

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