1990 suburban v1500

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    Hi, I have a 1990 suburban V1500 5.7L. The truck has sat for a couple of years without being started because the thread on one of the fuel fittings was stripped out and needed to be chased, and I was out of state for a couple of years. I got back and fixed the fitting. I had to replace the battery because it was old and not holding a charge. I also poured in 5 gallons of 93 octane gas and some seafoam into the gas tank. I go to turn the key and all I'm hearing is the click of the starter solenoid, I figured there might be some corrosion because of hurricane isaac and there was lots of flooding and the water level almost reached inside of the truck. Turns out the nut for the power was just loose. Tried several times to get the truck to start and just wouldn't start. I figured it wouldn't start easily after sitting for a couple of years. However I had my wife crank the truck while I looked at the injectors to see if any gas was spraying into the motor, I was only seeing drips, no sprays or mists. Sorry for the long post, I figured it would be best to fill everyone in. I'm suspecting there might be a clog somewhere or the fuel pump is not pumping with enough pressure and I wanted to get some insight from others on the issue.

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    Welcome to the forum! So you got it to turn over but will not fire? I usually try some starter fluid to see if it will at least fire off or not and that will tell me which way to go. If it fires and runs for a couple of seconds then I won't be looking for ignition problems, If no fire at all then I will start looking at the ignition side of things.

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