1990 Suburban Won't Start, Need Diagnosis

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by 1990Suburban, Aug 25, 2009.

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    Hi guys,

    So the 1990 Suburban was running fine til about 3 months ago out of the clear blue it won't start. Just cranks and cranks but doesn't even try to fire. So my buddy and I drop the tank and put in a new fuel pump. Works fine until last month I come out to drive off and it does the same exact thing again!

    I let it sit for a few weeks and then have it towed down to a local shop. In about an hour the guy calls me and says that the problem is the connectors going to the computer. He says that they wiggled the connectors and wires and seemed to fix it but that if the problem persists the pins will all have to be re-done.

    So I take it home and this morning go out and it does the same damn thing again! :grrrrrr: I call him and he tells me to jiggle the connectors and it'll start right up - but it won't.

    Does this sound like BS to you? Anyone know if this issue is common?
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    Yes, that is a nasty problem!

    If someone uses the wrong size test lead to test a female connector, it can expand a terminal on the female connector so it no longer makes good electrical contact.

    So looking at a female connector, you might have...
    (each little o is a connection)


    Where the large O is where someone shoved in a test probe and deformed the female terminal to be too large.

    There are exact sizes of terminals. All sorts of different sizes. And all sorts of different size test probes. And special tools for removing just one terminal from a connector, crimping a new terminal, and installing a new terminal.

    Here are a couple of places which sell terminals for connectors and info on them. And the proper terminal type information would be in a GM Factory Service Manual set for your year/model vehicle.
    (Order from helminc.com or a GM dealer.)



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    Thanks for the info, Bill! Checking them out now! :great:
  4. 1990Suburban

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    Okay, got one of my Mexican helpers up from Tijuana and he's working on it now (finally!).

    Just confirmed that we have fuel pressure and checked all fuses. We also have power to the injectors.

    Anyone else have anything to add? I'd sure appreciate any help!
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