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    So a few months ago i got a 1991 GMC C1500 with a 350 and the neat thing is that it was converted from fuel injection to carboration, and it had a 2 switch and push button igniton put in it as well. Now my main question is that i want to buy another 350 block, 4 bolt main preferably, to build up and eventually put in it. Where can i find one that is reasonably priced, unlike in summit magizine where they want like $900 just for the block. Any ideas anyone?
  2. Boonduff

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    $900 bucks for a fresh short block is a good price. Rebuilding a short block yourself will cost about the same once you buy the block, new internals, and the machine work. With some Vortec heads and a good cam you could have 400 horses for under $2000.

    HAWESTAFER New Member

    I have been doing alot of research on what it would cost for me to rebuild a small block,mainly out of summit magazine and you can get a kit for about $1700. It just seems to me that you should be able to find a bare 4 bolt main for less than $900. Im going to school to be an auto tech and my instructor brought 2 4 bolt mains to school and i was hoping he would sell me one, but he decided not to so now here i am seaching for a block that i can slowly build from the ground up.
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    You need to spend some time researching something besides Summit Racing. I have nothing against them, but they can be high on parts. Have you checked out RockAuto.com? If you want to buy an engine to rebuild, check your local salvage yards and pay close attention to Craiglist and local swap sheets. Small block Chevy's are still very plentiful.
    Good Luck and God Bless
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    check craigslist. My brother just bought a 350 and a 360 (350 bored .40 over) for $500 combined. the 360 came with a 5-speed tranny as well.

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