1991 s10 door hinge pins

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by FergusonT, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. FergusonT

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    I have been searching for some good "how-to" directions for replacing door hinge pins and bushings. I have to swap some doors on my s10 and just wondering if somebody can give me some insight or point me to a good thread.
  2. bigdaddy77084

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    I had a big tree to pull under, roll down the window, wrap top with a towel, get some rope.
  3. bigdogdaddy

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    There fun!...(sarcasm) But a necessary evil for all of us that have GM vehicles. The door spring seems to be the biggest problem, trying to get it back in. They DO make a special tool for this, and I am currently borrowing one from my buddy to do mine. Take the WHOLE door off (should be connectors for wiring harness inside of cubbyhole in truck cab), be careful with the brass bushings, have an extra hand and just be careful not to scratch the paint. That's about all the help i can give.
  4. tbplus10

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  5. FergusonT

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    Yeah I see a lot of stuff about that spring, but i think my concern is with removing the pins. From what I have come across all you have to do is punch them out and punch the new ones, same with the bushing.
  6. wis bang

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    Some people tie the spring w/ wire or zip ties after compressing it in a vise...assuming it was found after it pops out AND it didn't land in your eye...

    The tool compresses it in place and prevents the search -or- a trip to the ER...

    Don't let it go so long that the bushing wears thru and make the hole to big, then it will sag forever unless you repair the bushing hole...LMC sells new hinges you can install after drilling out the spot welds
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