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  1. Runsfunny

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Had my coffee so I'm ready. I'm going to restore my 1991 V1500 4x4 Suburban, this is my first restore project.

    It has the 5.7l with TBI. It was replaced along with the Transmission by me, my neighbor and 12-15 cans of beer about 10,000 miles ago. I haven't replaced any sensors. I haven't touched the Transfer case.

    It has a rough idle and slight hesitation but I've read some excellant posts covering this problem and will immediately replace my Oxygen sensor and Temperature Sensor since I suspect they are original. I currently do not have a scanner, can anyone suggest one?

    Unfortunetly, I have a 4" lift kit (ProComp front leafs/rear blocks) that I want to remove and replace with original since I'm sure my Kidneys won't last must longer with the current ride quality. The lift was done correctly as the Steering arm is 4" raised as well.

    So, I'll gladly accept any advice, recommendations, beer, and concerns anyone has to offer. I suppose that I should maintain this on the Blog section?

  2. Runsfunny

    Runsfunny New Member

    Parts Replaced

    Ok, I've started with a few Items.

    I replaced the Oxygen Sensor and the ETC Sensor. They looked okay to me but haven't been replaced...ever... to my knowledge. I also replaced the Fuel Filter.

    Results? All the Hesitation just off idle is gone. Additionally, the idle has smoothed out and since I have the auto tranny, it doesn't sound like it might die after I let off the gas. I'm impressed.

    I also Changed the striker Bolts (went to www.lmctruck.com to use their excellant exploded diagrams to figure out what it was called) on all four doors. Two of them rattled and where missing the plastic on the bolt. I replaced all foru. My Only problem is now I hear new noises instead of the door rattles...

    So far, I have about $80.00 invested. I have trim peices coming for my next update. Pictures below are of todays work and my assistant.

    See you all next time. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Springthing

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    This is a perfect thing for the blog section. Keep an updated diary when you work on it that way you can share with others and have a record for yourself.
    Chevy Truck Parts

    Good luck, I look forward to reading about your project.
  4. TheBigRedTruck

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    You should look for someone looking for a lift kit for a Sub. and the two of you could just swap parts!! What size tires are you running now, you may have to get smaller tires too!!!

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