1991 TBI 350 junk or good

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  1. Shawns gmc

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    Hi can anyone please tell me are the TBI 350 any good ? :glasses: is 118000 mile alot on a timing chain ? would a bad chain cause my truck to all of a sudden start pinging im at a loss i have a bad very bad spine and can't do the work that i use to . Car accident three of them none my fault so if i have to do it i want to make sure that that's what it is. If any one reading this want's to get paid that would be no problem i have all the tool's need'ed air and regular tool's Harmonic balancer puller and all heated garage to i live in Plymouth wi just leave me a message THANK YOU SHAWN... you can E-mail me as well shawnhammes45@gmail.com :sign0023:
  2. Crawdaddy

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    Personally, I like my 350 TBI. It's not a crazy fuel-inefficient carburetor that's impossible to tune, but since it's already installed it's not a $3-5 grand fuel-injection system that would never pay off in better fuel mileage.

    A timing chain should last a lot longer than 100K in my opinion, but it could be out.
  3. BurbanMan

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    Did you get the problem solved?

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