1992 chevy silverado battery keeps dying

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    hi guys wanna say thanks in advance for any and all help.. well like it says my truck keeps dying i've had it for about three months i got the best battery auto-zone had for it and it killed it this is my backup so it wont get started for a day or two but i've left cars sitting for weeks and they start right up.. now when i bought it there were no fuses for the dash panel or the radio so i put those in and everything worked just fine then my battery died for the first time so i took both of them back out and got a new battery still killing it unless i drive it everyday also i don't have enough money to go to a shop right now so that being said any advice much appreciated

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    forgot to add its a single cab long bed 2 wheel drive dont know if that matters or not but i figured it wouldnt hurt to know that
  2. KSW Jordan

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    Maybe your alternator is going bad? You can check it with a voltmeter. If you have a voltmeter or if you can get a hold of one, set it to DC Volts connect the red lead to positive, black lead to negative when the engine isn't running your battery should obviously be around 12 volts, when running usually somewhere between 13.8 and 14.8. then turn on headlights and the a/c. The volts will drop at first but check and see if it can get back up to 13.8-14.8 if it cant keep the charge somewhere in that range I would try replacing the alternator. Hope this helps!
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  3. SurrealOne

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    I agree -- check the alternator first before trying to hunt down shorts.
  4. aloxdaddy99

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    I have heard an easier way of checking the alternator is to start the truck and disconnect the negative wire from the battery. If the truck dies than the alternator is not working correctly. When it does run do you run it for any length of time? If you jump it to get it started and it only runs for a short period of time that is also an indication the alternator isn't working. Because when you jump it you give the battery a charge. While you are driving the truck the alternator isn't charging the battery so it will run dead.
  5. billnorman

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    If you don't have a voltmeter you can still do some shade tree checks to see where the trouble might be. With the engine running hold a screwdriver blade on the center of the end of the alternator, not the belt end. If the alternator is putting out it will exert a strong magnetic pull on the blade. If there is no attraction, it's not working. If you connect and disconnect the battery with the engine off there should not be a spark at the terminal/cable touch. If there is you have a short. Usually it's not a very good thing to disconnect the battery when the engine is running, because the voltage can be unregulated and damage electronic circuits. If the fuses were removed the PO may have known something you don't. Check your battery cables for corrosion. Some vehicles will start but not charge if they are corroded. Also check your engine ground wires make sure they are on. Otherwise, the alternator should read 13.8 volts to 14.2 + or - depending on the meter with the engine running at the battery. If you think the circuits you installed fuses in may be shorted, take the fuses back out and see if it does the same. Also, check that your underhood, dome, glove box or any other light stays on when everything is off, if so, they will kill your battery.

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