1992 Suburban transfer case issue

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  1. I have a 1992 Suburban K1500 with the th700r4 and the np241 transfer case. When i engauge the transfer case it takes a while to go into 4 wheel drive. After it goes into 4 wheel drive for a few seconds it jumps out for a few seconds than the 4 wheel drive kicks in again then stays there. Any one have thoughts on this?
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    If this is the same as mine, 94 it is not a cable but a vacume switch, at least I think it is. I know there are kits to change it over to just a cable, the way it should be. These types have a lot of problems, mine was just replaced just before I bought it and it wasn’t cheep. Around $180 if I remember right, I found the recept in the glove box.

    If I am wrong I’m sure someone will pipe in.
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    GM uses a thermal actuator that does have troubles. When mine crapped out, the shop wanted around $300 to upgrade to a new harness/actuator. I just went to NAPA and bought the original design actuator for $80 and installed it myself in about 10 minutes. I figured the original one lasted 200k miles so I can afford to replace a few. The cable conversion is also a good idea, since it overcomes the temperature issues that affects the original design. Read an earlier post with a link to the posi-lock cable conversion.
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