1993 CHevy 1/2 ton w/t parts truck for sale

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    93 chevy w/t
    would make a good parts truck for someone.
    My father bought it new & it was my daily driver for several years.
    4.3L v6 (294k miles & I never once had to work on the engine,valve covers,oil pan have never been off of it)
    HD towing package
    ran when I parked it but needed a clutch plate.the transmission is out of it but will go with the truck if you want it.
    someone broke the windshield stealing the rear view mirror and stole the tbi,alternator and starter off of it this summer and I removed the seats for another project.
    has some rust around the fender wells and cab corners.
    hood,doors,door glass and rear sliding window in good condition.
    the interior (blue)(other than the missing seats) is in good condition.
    I can not find the title for it anywhere and couldn't see spending the $100 for a new title for a truck that just sits in a shed.
    taking offers on it. I can get $250 scrapping it but thought someone might want it for parts. leave me a reply or pm or e-mail me at harpo568@hotmail.com please put 93 chevy truck in the subject or I may miss it.

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    I don't want to part it out simply because it's in someone elses shed and I don't really have the time.I would like to just sell the whole thing.

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