1993 fresh black paint.....need help on some additional item [Expired Topic]

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by pe2pe2, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. pe2pe2

    pe2pe2 New Member

    Folks, new to the board, hope you haven't had to answer my questions before to many times:)

    #1. I want some fender flairs as I dechromed the whole truck when I repainted it. I also removed all the side trim. I've seen a fender flair offed for the burbs that looks kind of kewl that gives the appeance of bolts holding them on? Does anyone know if they offer them for this old of truck?

    #2. Tire and wheel package...I want a bit bigger foot print. Also something that will fill up the new flares a bit. I've heard that the 16 inch rims are a bunch cheaper than the stock 17's. Does this still hold true. I'm kind of an old school guy that is not really into the big inch rims you see riding around on some subs today, plus I do get off road quit a bit in the fall for hunting. Can anyone share their story and pics for us to see?

    #3. Anyone ever find a source for non-chromed bumpers and grill. THis would complete my truck real nice.

    #4. Currently the sub doesn't have any running boards. Again, I'dlike to stay with a black board, does anyoine have a pic or two they would care to share for some ideas?

    Thanks for any insight!
  2. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Hey, welcome aboard.

    1) You can get flairs for just about any type of truck. Look at www.gmpartsclub.com first. Someone else may have a better source.

    2) Lots of different options. I'm sure that other people will give some input.

    3) I'll look into it, but try www.gmpartsclub.com. My brian is fried from painint my new house, there is a lot of sources actually.

    4) same, same.
  3. OldDiesel

    OldDiesel Rockstar 100 Posts

    1) The flares you're talking about are the "pocket style" flares. If you're going to spend any time off road (ie: in the mud) you probably won't like these as the mud and stuff will get into the pockets and into the mock rivets. these flares are usually held on the same way as the smooth ones which is two faced 3m tape. Finding them to fit a 93 shouldn't be much of a problem either as that body style continued into the late 90's.
    2) If I'm not mistaken, the stock wheels on your truck were 16x7. These can be had pretty readily for cheap. The problem with the stock size wheel and back space is that they're too narrow for a real tire. The look that I personally really like is of a stock ride height with larger than stock wheels and tires. You'll wanna look at wheels that are at least 8 inches wide, with something along the lines of about 4.25 inches of back spacing to give you a nice deep lip. As far as tires go, a nice all terrain like BFG's All Terrain TA in a size like 31x10.5 should fit easily under the stock suspension. May even be able to push 33's!
    3) JUNKYARD, JUNKYARD, JUNKYARD! Go until you find what you like. Also keep in mind that the core support that your headlamps, signal lamps, and grille bolt to didn't change at all through your body style's run, so you can upgrade to a later model grille and lamps if you so choose. If you don't wanna go to the yard, pick up a Truckin' magazine. There are tons of ads for stores that would like nothing more than to sell you exactly what it is that you're looking for.
    4) Westin makes a really nice nerf style tubular running board. My advice, stay away from "running boards". When you call around, ask for steps, rails, tubes, etc... If you call for running boards, you'll end up with something like I've got.

    Good luck! Hope this helps!
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