1993 GMC Sierra, multiple problems

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by dilloncarpenter, Sep 19, 2013.

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    Let me start by introducing myself. I am Dillon, from the Oklahoma City area. I am no mechanic but I am trying to get my 1993 GMC (V6) running. We have hired a handful of mechanics, but none of them have efficiently gotten it running, so I'm doing it myself. I'm trying to learn more as I go. Let me back up by explaining what all was wrong with it from the beginning - bear with me here!

    When we first picked it up, it had a major overheating problem. We couldn't go two miles without having to fill the radiator up with water, and that didn't help much. So we replaced the radiator and hoses. Had a mechanic come out to look at it and give it a once-over. He took the engine all apart and gave me a list of parts to get. He never came back to do anything with it. The only thing he told me how to do was to clean out the part of the engine that was exposed, and I did that. The thing sat in pieces for a long time until we hired another mechanic to fix it. We had to have it towed over to his house. Every other week it seemed he would say it will be ready, and every time it wasn't. He had it towed over to another place to have the timing fixed. That took three months, and the same thing happened every time he said it would be ready. Finally one day he said it was 'for sure' ready, so we went to pick it back up. Down the street from our house, it broke down and wouldn't start again. We had to makeshift tow it to the front of our house, where it still sits.

    Once I figured out that I was tired of it, I decided to do a little research and asking around and try and fix it myself. It would click real loud, not crank, and wouldn't start. Initially it would sound like the battery was dead, but I took the starter out and had it tested. Sure enough, the guy at Autozone said it was out. I got a replacement and put it in, charged the battery a little bit, and tried it. It cranked, but didn't start. I watched where the fuel injectors are at the top and it was only dripping little bits. So I eventually got around to replacing the fuel pump. (last night.) I also replaced the strainer and filter. Tried cranking it and it does get fuel...all over the place. Near the top where I mentioned before, fuel was squirting everywhere and leaking all over the place. It was pretty much flooding it.

    At this point I have no idea what I'm doing yet again. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. And for those of you that read all the way through this, thank you. :tongue:

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    First thing to do is to stop dealing with shade tree mechanics unless you are 200% confident they are
    Going to treat you how you should be treated.
    Now, it sounds like the only two issues you have left is the coolant leak and the fuel leak.
    the where exactly is the fuel leaking from? You may need to just replace o-rings on the fuel injectors.
    You need to find where your coolant is going also. Once you fix the fuel issue, full up the radiator and let it run and look for leaks (water pump, intake, hoses, head gasket..) also keep an eye on the oil and exhaust. If the oil becomes milky, that is where your coolant is going. If exhaust smokes white, that is where your coolant is going.
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    First...Back away from the truck.....In other words, if you dont have a clue what you are doing, get someone who does

    Second...Take it to a qualified mechanic......It may be hard to get someone to work on it now because of what you and your mechanic(?) friends have buggered up worse.

    Third....Good luck

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