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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by socomsteroid, Mar 10, 2011.

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    ok i have a 1993 chevy silverado and my machanic just told me that my transmission is completely messed up, now i have always wanted a 5-speed vehicle and it just clicked in my head that now that i need a transmission that maybe i could change my truck. so what im wanting to know is if its even possible and exactly how difficult would it be to make the change, any information would be much helpfull, thanks to all who help.
  2. stephan

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    Hey 5 speeds are nice, so do it if you've always wanted one. I'm assuming you have an automatic now, so you'll need to hang a new pedal cluster, you'll need a bellhousing , a flywheel & a clutch assy in addition to a new slip yoke for your drive shaft & you'll most likely need the drive shaft length changed. You might also need to change the mounting points for the trans mount crossmember. The easy way to do this would be to shop around at a salvage yard & try & find a donor truck with the trans you want & use it for all your other parts too, & be sure & get the drive shaft out of it too cuz it will be the right length & will have the right slip joint on it.
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    x2 on parts from the salvage yard. I've done a couple of these and that's by far easiest way to get the right parts.

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