1994 C2500 350 EFI spec and service questions...

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Gryphon, Apr 8, 2012.

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    I just bought a Forest Service surplus '94 C2500 with a 350/4l60e. It's got 180k miles on it, but looks solid. While I haven't seent he truck yet personally, my Dad checked it over and took delivery and has it at his place (I bought out of state...killer deal compared to the local junk).

    What I am wondering is simple stuff, but while I own a '99 Suburban, this has a different engine and intake system. It's also OBD1. I have a II code reader but I also know how to jumper the pins in the OBD socket. I just don't have a code list.

    I understand it's TBI. Decent system, is there anythign I should know by way of tricks or tips or upgrades for economy/power?
    I will be doing a full tune up on it when I get there in a couple weeks. I know my '99 basically must run ACDelco plugs...how about this '94?

    If the TBI croaks, would there be a gain or benefit by chucking it and installing an Edelbrock intake and 4bbl carb? (The truck will be registered and operated in a non-smog controlled zone). Not that I am planning on it, just wondering. After it's performed the jobs I bought it for, I may consider rebuilding it as a desert truggy (2wd go-fast machine).

    Any suggestions and discussions are welcome!


  2. SupplySgt

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    My burb has TBI. It's not a bad motor, but has a narrow power curve. I'm actually planning to convert to TPI (Tuned Port Injection), which IMO GM should have put on the trucks from the start. The main thing will be getting a transmission controller but I'm fully confident that it will be far more beneficial over the long run than a carbed motor. The cold start benefits of EFI alone are worth it, not to mention the smoother operation and more efficient operation. Plus you'd have to mod a carbed motor just to achieve the same power level as a stock TPI setup.
  3. dualdj1

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    TBI is a good system. not the best thing, but cheap and easy to maintain. If you want an upgrade, look at the holley TBI replacement unit. better flow/fueling. There are also some decent aftermarket intakes as well, if you want to stay that route. converting to carb isn't major, but will cost you about the same as the tbi upgrades, and you won't have as good of economy/throttle response. Just depends on what you're most comfortable with.

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