1994 GMC Sierra 1500 transmission swap

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by love.the.smell, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. love.the.smell

    love.the.smell New Member

    '94 GMC Sierra half ton 2WD, 5.7L, 173K miles.

    I know that eventually the automatic transmission will fail. Pretty much a guarantee. Actually the rear seal is already leaking fluid and quite frankly I don't want to put any money into fixing a slushbox.

    I love this truck. It's been owned and driven by my father, uncle, my father again, and now me for nearly it's entire life.

    I love manual transmissions. I like shifting gears and getting better fuel mileage. I know these trucks came stock with an optional 5 speed manual.

    Anybody completed an auto to manual transmission swap? I would love to start gathering parts from a donor truck but I'm just not sure what to look for or the possible pitfalls or the possible transmission options. The easiest I guess would be to find one of those five speed trucks and just rob all of the parts. Are there any six speed transmissions that will bolt up to the 5.7L with little or no hassle? Is there any Corvette or Camaro transmission that will work in this truck? I'm just hoping all of you with more experience might be able to give me some friendly advice.

  2. RayVoy

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    If an auto trans to a manual trans swap is new to you, this is the best way to go. I could provide a list, but I know there would be a few things I would forget.

    I don't think the 6 speeds will "bolt in". I could be wrong, but most are designed to be behind the LSx motors. However, there are lot's of 5 speeds out there that will fit your truck.
  3. grampy

    grampy Rockstar 100 Posts

    I've done 3 auto to manual swaps, but in vehicles older than yours. One piece of advise - remove everything from the donor truck yourself. You can't trust someone in a salvage yard to remove everything you will need !! And get EVERYTHING, especially inside the cab. What's even better is to have the donor truck right where you're working - especially if you haven't done this before. It's not a technically difficult job but it's a lot of work, time and aggravation. I once was given a funny but good rule for swaps like this, write down on a piece of paper the amount of time and money you think this will take - double it and add another 50%. Just my $.02, Ken
  4. Thrashmaster

    Thrashmaster New Member

    Has anybody here done a manual to auto swap? I'm just trying to get this truck up and running to sell and have a couple of autos at hand. Manual is in the truck, but pretty well shot. I've searched all over the internet and all I see is auto to manual swap.

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