1994 GMC Suburban K2500 SL Forsale

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  1. A host of new things done to it and bought it from Florida and my need for such a large vehicle has gone with the passing away of an elderly parent.

    6.5L Turbo Diesel
    K2500 4x4 3/4 Ton
    It was formerly a City Truck out of Largo, FL

    Winch Bumper - No Winch and it's tweaked, easy fix but I have been working on the house, it's not a priority
    Used Leather Denali Front Seats eBay
    5 New Tires
    Front brakes recently replaced
    All Fluids Replaced less then 2,000 miles ago
    New Alternator
    New Batteries
    New Battery Cables
    New Air, Oil & Fuel Filters
    New Belt
    New Lift-pump
    New Control for Lift Pump
    New Floor Matt's
    New GMC Suburban A/C Climate Control
    New Ram Laptop mount and Quick Disconnect
    New Modern Tail Lights
    Used Class III Tow Bar installed, still need wiring for lights
    Used Tire Cover for spare
    New Second hand Rear High Back seat (black) not installed
    Am/FM Radio, installed - Satellite receiver will not go with the truck
    As you can see from the roof photos it use to have some sort of roof rack
    The paint is also flecking off on the roof, the hood and drivers side fender.
    I have the title, so no loan to pay off.

    It was sold to me as True Mileage Unknown, but claimed to be 44K.... It will be sold as True Mileage
    Unknown, as well.

    Lots of photos online email me at mreid99 at yahoo ....com

    I don't visit the site often and email is the best way to get a hold of me, the Roof rack is almost completed and not yet installed.



    Things need to do to the truck, I do have a spare alternator, a new in dash mount for an aftermarket radio, as well as a cubby plug for the area of the current radio placement. The dash has a small hole in it but the dash cover covers it nicely. There is a newer Tahoe rear seat not installed, that will go with the sale. This is not your prom queen, but excellent low mileage truck. When you first start it up and for a few minutes there is a tapping in the passenger side area, I have not taken the time to figure it out, I have been settling my deceased parents affairs and that's a not a priority.
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  2. What should it sell for?

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