1994 K1500 350 4l60e no 1st or 4th after rebuild

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by ssumners, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. ssumners

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    I am trying to verify the electrical is working correctly on this 94 Chevy K1500 350 before putting this 4l60E back together again after my recent rebuild. I pulled the trans pan cover to inspect the solenoids since the truck had no 1st or 4th gear. With the truck ignition in run I took a solenoid I know works and plugged it into the 2-3 shift connector and the solenoid energizes (I hear a click). I take the same solenoid and attach it to the 1-2 shift connector and nothing happens. Both 1-2 and 2-3 leads show 12 V on the voltmeter. The wiring harness in the trans is new(it isn't installed but just plugged into the vehicle harness connector. The 15A trans fuse is good under the steering column. All resistances of the electrical components were verified against the GM published ranges.
    2 different local shops had taken a look at the truck and they said there were no codes. Any help finishing this would be appreciated.
  2. ssumners

    ssumners New Member

    The resistances at the 1-2 and 2-3 ecm contacts are different -should they be roughly the same? Values measured with truck ignition in "run" position. 4l60e_VehicleHarness_Resist-bmp.jpg 4l60e_WiringHarnessV_Resist-bmp.jpg
  3. jimbean

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    in ase testing they say there are slippage in some gears if band adjustment is incorrect
    just a thought

    and i would check to see if the wires check out from tranny to tcm {broken wire} ohm them
  4. moogvo

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    It sounds like the tranny has gone into "limp mode". Could be related to your ever present check engine light from your other thread?

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