1994 silverado no instrument lights dash lights

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  1. woodslip

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    hi all
    need some help here......just bought a 1994 silverado ........came from Virginia.......I live in ny
    has never seen a ny winter.....so you know how exciting it is to have an older truck that
    has never seen a ny winter.........

    well my problem is with the dash lights....I have none.........pulled out the panel to check the switches.....and ekes its a mess.....some one did some cobbled up work on it.....but anyway
    the dimmer switch for the dash has 4 wires......one is end is hot with on.....other
    is when turning on the dome.....2 center are not hot at all........for the heck of it I hooked test light to the live wire and checked, both center wires again....light does come on....but does not dim when turning switch.....don't know if this is norm.....
    also the heater light come on when key is turned on but goes out when lights are turned on

    this is a very] and would like to get lights working.......any help would be appreciated
    maybe a wire would help

    thanks a gain Keith

  2. L0sts0ul

    L0sts0ul Rockstar 100 Posts

    I posted a reply on your other post already... its best just to post in 1 place, as ppl will repsond when they can.
  3. woodslip

    woodslip New Member


    ok didnt know if i posted in the wrong spot....thanks
  4. bill190

    bill190 Rockstar 100 Posts

    The headlight / parking light switches will get dirty as well as the dimmer switch.

    If you are "handy", these switches can be taken apart and cleaned, then apply a new dab of dielectric grease on the contacts.
  5. jrsavoie

    jrsavoie New Member

    Where is the other post.? I did a search and found this one.

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