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  1. bigweave8842

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    I just bought a 94 silverado. When i picked it up i didnt have a high and low beam on my drivers side. I replace the bulbs they work fine. So while i was checking those i found out that when i turn my left turn signal on they just flash like i have my hazards on. I turn my right turn signal on and it does the same thing. break lights and running lights work fine but just messed up when i turn my turn signals on they go crazy. Any help would be great thanks.
  2. ChevyFan

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    First, welcome to the site.

    Check the bulbs on the side that is going crazy.
  3. bigweave8842

    bigweave8842 New Member

    I have check and replaced all bulbs still does the same thing but i noticed when the left blinker is on the left arrow inside on the dash flashes regular. I turn the right blinker on and it blinks really fast but all the bulbs are new. The rear lights still flash like i have my hazards on when i turn either blinker on.
  4. tbplus10

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    If the bulbs are new or known good then check the wire harnesses to ensure they havnt been repaired at some time, check the bulb sockets for corrosion, check the flasher relay and fuses for corrosion on their prongs.
    The flasher system works on a measured resistance, if theres greater resistance from an added wire connector or corrosion you get faster flashes, much like what happens when a bulb burns out.
  5. ChevyFan

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    I had a vehicle where the rear had some water leakage and caused some corrosion. That can be hard to see. Kept having issues with popping bulbs and at least once it wouldn't complete the circuit with a new bulb so I had to clean it all out and never had a problem after that.
  6. csltrains96

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    Sometimes a bad ground in the lighting circuit can cause the other side to slightly pulsate or flash with the side that is activated, as well. Check all ground connections in the circuits, too.
  7. Sounds like a bad ground, which is happening somewhere in the harness/wiring/connection. Happy digging!

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