1994 Suburban 5.7, Location of Timing Wire to Disconnect.

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by corvairdad, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. corvairdad

    corvairdad New Member

    New member. Nice site. I've searched the forums. My issue is I had to pull my distributor to replace the intake manifold gaskets. Now, I want to properly set the base timing, but I can't find the wire to disconnect. I've looked behind my glovebox, below the dash on the passenger side, and all over the firewall. Please is there someone here who has a '94 and can either send me a photo of where I need to look or give me VERY specific instructions about where the connector is? Thanks.
  2. wis bang

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    depend on the location of the computer. On S-10's it was behind the glovebox and the wire was on the inside of the firewall just above the carpet centered under the glovebox. It was a little brown wire w/ a blue or grey stripe and the conector is tiny.
  3. trapperdon

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    ok, i have a 94 blazer, & it should be the same spot / setup.
    my finger is on the wire / clip to show you, and the second pic is to show
    how it comes out of the taped up wiring harness.... this is below the glove box.
    the center heater vent is the black thing on left & the fan housing on right side.
    he was right about it being a tan wire with dark stripe on it.

    ignore the blue wire & red cover you see in pic, i added a truckers floor night light to
    the fan cover on right side to cut down on road glare at night... :great:

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  4. 2COR517

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    My 95 Tahoe was in about the same spot.

    Can you explain the light? When do you have it on? Is it in place of another light?
  5. trapperdon

    trapperdon Rockstar 100 Posts

    trick i learned MANY moons ago & most semi manufacturers put in as standard equipment now...
    put a small 3 amp red light under the glovebox or passengers seat on right side.

    when you are driving at night, you ever looked down at your feet and noticed how dark it is?
    when you are on a non lighted highway or during a heavy rainstorm at night,
    the city street lights and especially the oncoming traffic headlights really does wonders to
    you night vision & ability to refocus. if you put that light under there ( not a bright bulb )
    then it keeps your light / dark senses from going wacky every time a car comes at you.. :great:

    i have it rigged into the headlight switch fuse, but you could also put a toggle switch in and control it
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  6. 91 stepside

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    I have a 91 1500 and the wire you are refering to is in the engine compartment behind the cover for the fuses located on the passenger side firewall.

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