1994 Suburban middle row seat swap question

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  1. hi all,

    my parents have a 94 Suburban with the 60/40 seats in the middle. I'm looking to swap those out with anything that would have the LATCH system on them... lilke my 05 does. I'm assuming that this generation(92-99) has all the same seats, as far as bolt locations etc
    I'm gonna try and sneak over there to get some measurements as my mom's brain melts every time she has to try and put the child seats in her truck.

    thanks for your help :)
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  2. Chris Miller

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    The '05 seat would fit. You'd have to drill some extra holes in the rails to get it to fit properly, of course. Plus, it wouldn't exactly match the front or rear seats.
  3. i'm trying not to do any drilling, but understand it may be necessary. does anyone have a clue as to when they started adding the LATCH system on the seats?

    I am going to go look now and see if I can find out.

    thanks again for your input.


    so far, earliest I have found is 2003

    here is a link I found about the LATCH system on here, unfortunately no answers though.

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  4. Kraziken

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    LATCH systems were implemented in some vehicles in 2000. Implementation in car models grew, but was mostly implented in all vehicles by 2003 if I remember correctly.

    Properly belted, I say you don't need the latch system. If using for infants and rear facing, just place them in the middle row with the lap belt, which I find more secure anyway. Regular seats, correctly pulling and setting the seatbelt, the car seat isn't going anywhere.


    I wanted to add, that with some creative use of belts, you may be able to use the 3rd row seat anchor points for the latch system if you are worried. I've also used the top side anchor of the car seat Latch in non LATCH equipped vehicles. I've wrapped the top belt to the back side of my rear strut tower bar in my 1999 Subaru, (not LATCH equipped). My wife's 2002 IS300 is equipped with LATCH.
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  5. Hi Kraziken, thank you for the info. I know about the safety factor between the two but this is all about ease of use. my mom seems to have a brain cramp when it comes to using the belts for securing the seats - we have twin 10 month old girls :) so basically this just comes down to what is easiest for her. I figure attaching a couple of clips isn't that hard compared to hooking up the belts..

    thanks again, guess i'm on the search for a set of 03 2nd row seats and some fun drilling.
  6. janikphoto

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    Not quite the same topic, but similar... I have three small boys who all use booster seats. I was thinking about trading out my second row bench seat for captains chairs, so I could get all three boys (age 5 and under) into their seats and buckled up easier. With the pass through created by the second row buckets, it would make it a snap to get a kid fastened into the third row.

    So, does anyone know much about the suburban models that came with the second row captains?!? Are they just another set of front buckets? Are they special, rare buckets that will be hard to track down?

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