1994 Suburban Power Windows HELP/ please?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by necrothropy, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. necrothropy

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    OK so, after rolling my windows down on the lovely 92 degree weather we had here in ohio on friday i found out i could no longer roll any of my windows up, my main switch didnt work and neither did any of the seperate switches for thier respective doors. figured it was a fuse, replaced it and still nothing. ok so now the nitty gritty lets take apart method comes in. took the pannel off the door for some testing which is were issue one was found,(broken pin on the hookup for the switch)(easy fix, going to junkyard for a new one) but upon further testing with a meter i have a constant 12v running to the power windows fuse, which causes this fuse to get reallllly hot. so my stepdad and i attempted to make a jumper to roll the windows up untill i could make it to the yard when they were open. yeah bad idea, somewhere i wire caught on fire and i am still yet unable to locate this wire. so the jumpers didnt work, im looking for any insight at all on this problem or if anyone here knows how to roll up power windows without power, not that i dislike the clear plastic and duct tape look i have going not its just something id rather fix. thanks for any and all help. im also having a very hard time finding any kind of wiring diagram. thank you guys sooo much
  2. necrothropy

    necrothropy New Member

    It was the power wire going to the pannel box under the dash. does anyone have a diagram showing where this wire goes so i can yank it.

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