1995 C1500 4.3 Programmer Chip Installation

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by Crispyt, Dec 7, 2011.

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    I've been looking at putting a chip into my trucks ECM to gain a little more power and better gas millage. How hard would it be to put it in? I know you have to take your ECM out and put the new P-ROM chip in. Where could I get the right one and is it a difficult job to do? I only saw a stage 1 chip on eBay that was listed for about $150. The link is below, would that be one that would work with my truck?

    1995 C1500 4.3L
    Manual trans. 5spd.
    JET TBI Spacer
    Upgraded plug wires

    Stage 1 Chip:


    Thanks for your help all!
  2. pondfishr

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    If yours is like a 94 model then it is really easy. The ECM is located under a trap door in your glove box. You remove the factory chip and install the new eprom. I purchased my stage 2 chip at Motorvation. You can call them up and they will explain what you need and help you with installation information.

    You gain a slight increase in power and the transmission shifts out a little stronger. It didn't help my gas mileage from what I can tell. I still only get between 12 - 15 mpg on a good day.

    Here is their website for GM trucks, http://www.motorvation.tv/chips_gm_light_trucks_vans.htm
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  3. dipstick

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    Myself would not chip it spend money not gain much if any. But everyone has a opinion.

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