1995 c1500 5.7 Water Pump

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    My 95 1/2 ton started loosing AF quite some time ago. A couple of weeks ago it started getting worse and last week it left a pretty good puddle under the truck every day at work. I was hoping it was nothing more than a clamp, but got a chance to look at it today and its the water pump. Looks like its leaking around the bottom of the back gasket, and at a pretty good clip. Luckily the truck is more of a weekend runner than a daily driver so I don't have to kill myself to get it fixed.

    I bought the truck new and have about 198k on it so I guess it deserves to go out. I looked it up and the pump prices are pretty good, plus it doesn't look too bad to replace. The only thing I can't figure out (or find) is the disconnect of the heater hose going into the top of the pump. It has a metal end on it and has a plastic fitting of some sort to connect it. Is the disconnect of the thing as easy as squeezing the ears on the fitting and popping it out? Is there any way to swap this thing out for a regular nipple with a hose clamp on it rather than this fitting? If not, do I need to replace the fitting going into the new pump? I've looked at lots of info about the replacement and they all state generic steps like 'disconnect the hoses'...I just want to make sure I don't end up trashing something when I'm in the middle of this.

    Worst part of this thing going out now is December in central Ohio...you never know what the weather will end up being and I don't have a garage big enough to fit the truck into.

    Any insight is greatly appreciated.


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