1995 C1500 Randomly turns off

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    Greetings All,

    I recently purchased a 1995 C1500 for my son.

    The truck is randomly turning off. Usually at a stop or a slow turn into a parking lot. It happens randomly, about once a day. No stutter or warning. The engine runs very smooth and you cant even tell the truck turns off. The truck starts off fine, drive a couple miles and turns off. Put it in netral and starts right back up and no more shut downs for the rest off the day.

    I took to a repair shop and said it was the fuel pump, so I replaced it and still have the same problem. (After fuel pump replacement, took on a test drive and it happened after about mile 4.)

    I have done the following since the purchase about a month ago.

    Full Tune up
    Oil and Trans oil change
    Fuel Filter
    Fuel Cap (ran over the old one accidently)
    Fuel Pump (Done yesterday)

    This is driving me nuts, any help would be appreciated.
  2. nos351wcm

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    Does the truck shut down when you make a slow turn? This could be due to the power steering pump.
    This sounds like an electrical issue. Wish i could be of more assistance.

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