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  1. plumbdog

    plumbdog New Member

    ok here goes,i have a 1995 chevy g 20 series 1 ton work van that has in the neighborhood of 220k miles,v6 tbi 4.3 liter 4 speed auto transmissin.

    now this van started to run rough in january of this year,i thought maybe there was some condensation in the gas tank so i used some seamfoam and didn't really help. when you are driving down the road all of a sudden it starts bogging down,losing power and eventujally stalling itself out.

    here are the things that i have done so far which includes :
    r&r spark plugs and wires
    r&r distrubtor cap and rotor button
    r&r air filter
    r&r pcv valve
    r&r cut vacum hose going to pcv valve
    remove rotted out muffler (thought that would help if it was causing a restriction which it wasn't)
    ok so the van has been sitting for 4 months now and yesterday i changed out the fuel filter underneath thinking it could be clogged but it wasn't.

    so where do i go next? is this a vacum issuie? a bad egr filter or valve?
    should i get a fuel gage and see what kind of pressure im getting?

    thanks for any help or suggestions in advance

  2. Sirwriter

    Sirwriter New Member

    A 4.3 engine from '95 has one oxygen sensor. Take the sensor out and unplug it from the harness and fire up the van and see if it revs any better. Drive it a little bit. Remember, you are only opening up a tiny hole, so don't expect your van to scream. But you should notice at least a small difference, even if it keeps bogging down. I bet that converter is packed full of stuff.

    EGR valves will give you heartaches too, but right now my money is on the cat. A rotted out muffler would not restrict the flow like it sounds yours it. Gotta be the cat. I have TWO 95's now, and they both went through the same performance issue yours is. One was a different problem, but the other was a plugged cat. It will make your engine run hot, and you'll think it isn't getting enough gas. Check it out!
  3. plumbdog

    plumbdog New Member

    the cataylic onverter was cut out a few years ago,over the weekend i had a friend look at the injectors and the one on the pass side is not spraying out any fuel,we took the plug off the drivers side injector and put it on the pass side and it sprayed fuel. so do i have a bad plug?
  4. Sirwriter

    Sirwriter New Member

    Plumbdog, when you pulled the connector off the driver's side and put it on the injector that wasn't working and then it did, what did you do with the other connector? Hook it up to the other injector? And then it didn't work? If it didn't you definitely have a bad wiring fuel injector harness. It may be noting more than a loose wire, or a disconnected one in the big harness, but it must not be getting fire. The pink (or red) wires in the two injector connector harnesses go to the same fuse so the fuse inside the truck isn't bad. The other two wires are blue on one injector and green on the other. This may be where the problem lies.
    The blue wire on injector #1 and the green on inj#2 both go to the low sie in the powertrain, or, if you have the ECU with the powertrain in it, they terminate there.
    In my opinion, the nest thing for you to do is this:

    A. Check the connector clips on the "bad" harness, to make sure they are making good contact.

    B. Disconnect the "bad" harness and check the resistance of the fuel injector. It should be 1.16 to 1.36 Ohms. Using a digital multimeter check for voltage to the connector with the engine key on (but not started). If you don't have battery voltage check the fuel injector fuse. If it is okay, turn off the ignition key and check for an open short. Remove the negative battery cable and use a self powered tester. Touch both sides of the fuse connector. If the light doesn't come on there is a break somewhere in the circuit. If the short is in the connector itself, you can buy a new one and pigtail it in from Autozone for under $20. Write back and let us know how you're doing.
  5. plumbdog

    plumbdog New Member

    thanks for all the advice,when we disconnected the plug from the pass side injector we were going to put it on the drivers side and it was a hair to short to reach. i do have a multi tester but am not that all familiar with it. i will try and do the things u said and will let you know the results.



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