1995 gmc 1500 sle suburban

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  1. amsamu

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    Here's my question how much rust is to much rust...???The truck wasnt used for a year and was sitting well here tons of rus but the only good things are the body is in perfect shape...has everything working inside all power and stuff also has 127,000 miles on it but runs great.....but all the rust scares me what do u guys/girls think?
  2. Joeairforce

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    Pics would help to make a better judgment......
  3. tbplus10

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    Wheres the rust located and how deep is it?
    If it's just surface rust then clean, prime, and paint should suffice. If the problem is deeper then you have to assese it piece by piece.
  4. Gryphon

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    Any old Jeep guy would tell you that it's fine until the frame rots out.

    I happen to be an old Jeep guy. You'll be fine until the frame rots out.

    Take a screwdriver...a big one...and stab the frame and body mounts in any rusted places. If you make a hole, it's bad. Frame and body mounts aside, make sure the seat/seatbelt mounts are sturdy, all the safety things are strong. The drivetrain and suspension need to be solid as does the steering box.

    The rest is cosmetic.

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