1995 gmc k2500 wont shift past 2nd gear

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by k25005.7, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. k25005.7

    k25005.7 New Member

    my 1995 gmc k2500 with a 5.7 will shift to reverse fine and thru 1st and second but when the time comes to shift into third its like theres no third gear it just free revs and when i let of the gas and go back on it it just stays in second gear
  2. Dana Joe

    Dana Joe New Member

    I have the same truck, and had the same problem. Is the problem intermittent, a hot / cold problem?

    1. Start with the fuel filter, replace it if needed and verify you have sufficient fuel pressure.
    2. Check for vacuum leaks.
    3. Check the ignition control module - smell burnt?
    4. Check distributor and coil.

    The resolve for me, after doing all of the above checks, was replacing the distributor assembly. Try the above - I hope this helps.
  3. jimmyjamz

    jimmyjamz New Member

    Just what mine is doing!. i have a 1995 gmc 3500 one ton dually but idk why it has a 4l60e in her. Went to a transmission shop and they told me that the main band was going out......Now i'm supposed to have a 4l80e because its a one ton truck but i have a 4l60e LOL. You need a rebuild or a used transmission from a junkyard.
  4. roundtoit

    roundtoit New Member

    Got same problem and more. Gauges are jumpy, tach, speedo jump around. First check tranny fluid, low, dirty, or smelly. Do you smell clutch(bands) burning. Determine if trans is slipping or is it disengaging in 3rd and 4th. If trans is slipping and is smelly, most likely need a rebuild. If trans is disengaging then that can be caused by the vss (vehicle speed sensor) module, located at the back of the trans. This is what sends the signal to the ecm which then shifts the trans. Start by checking the plug and wires on the vss. Also check voltages, resistance. If no luck there then start to clean grounds and check for broken wires. If the ecm is not receiving proper voltage readings from the many modules and circuits it will affect the way the engine and trans runs. If you have a check engine light on then you might get real lucky and it will tell you where to look for the problem. I am chasing an electrical gremlin which is no fun but I had the trans shift properly for one test run so I am getting close to a bad connection. But the next test run it went back to disengaging. GL
  5. Dawson

    Dawson New Member

    You might as well get a new tranny. I had the same problem and when I took it to the shop the tranny was trashed.
  6. roundtoit

    roundtoit New Member

    There is a seal or O-ring between the 1-2 and 3-4 gear sets that can cause the same symptom's. It's a 5 dollar piece but they have to do a tranny rebuild to get to it. I am hoping not to go there. $1200 for a rebuild and $500 for a used trans. I will spend a few more days cleaning up the electrical and hope I get lucky. Then at least if I have to go the expensive route I will know the electrics should be good.
  7. roundtoit

    roundtoit New Member

    Hey Dawson, replaced tranny. No change. It is electrical. Left it all winter and just started checking wires and grounds again.

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