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    All, I have an s-10 4 cyl manual 5 speed. All stock. Last week it began to act a little funny. On hard acceleration it backfires through the throttle body. Under light acceleration and idle it runs smooth as a top. I've replaced the fuel filter, air filter and checked the fuel pressure levels. All are good. Any other ideas?

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    Hey, a 1995 5 speed S-10 is a decent little truck with good mpg- AND PROBABLY PAID FOR- so you are doing ok.
    Your problem is fuel delivery(which you have covered a lot of), fuel mixture(vacuum leak), or ignition(dist/rotor/plugs/wires)
    I would check for vacuum leaks( hose leaking/cracked or actually off-look at brake booster hose etc).
    Then maybe eyeball your distributor/plugs/rotor /spark plug wires.
    Look at the wires at night-sometimes if they are bad you can actually see them arc-glow blue/spark etc.
    Maybe pull the plugs and look for a grunged up plug(but eyeball rotor and wires first)

    Possible you got some bad fuel(water in it) or your throttle body injectors are slightly plugged(might try some injector cleaner in gasoline-or the fuel conditioner that sucks up water-but I kinda doubt it is bad fuel unless it happened a few miles after a fill up))

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