1995 Suburban electric window issues

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by Crazycoyote82, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Crazycoyote82

    Crazycoyote82 New Member

    I have a 1995 suburban. We bought it used from a Dr who took great care of it. As well as provided paperwork for everything. However, ever since we got it the Driver side window has worked on and off. If I took off the door panel and banged a few times on the door it would start working again. Then at random, (week or month later) it would stop again. I was previously in the military when the latest problem started. I say problem however I think its problems... When I started working on it today, The driver side window will not move. Neither will the rear driver side window. This is from either switch. (master switch and back door switch) The pass front window would only go down from master switch. As well as the pass rear window. Honestly I don't remember if the window lock was engaged or not. When I took off the driver door panel to try the usual proper amount of force to get the window working it just wouldn't work. Neither would the rear driver window. However for some reason now both pass windows work. From both the master switch and there corresponding door switches. As well as the door lock button now works again. (It had randomly stopped working while I was away) I didnt touch the door lock mechanism or anything but maybe when I jostled the wires around to remove the switches it knocked something back into place?
    When you press the front driver window switch from the master switch you get nothing. No click, no motor turn, no nothing. I put a test light on the wires going to the motor and it turned on with the button pressing. This is the same for the rear driver window. Only difference is that the rear driver window you can hear a click from the window motor area. Like its trying to go but just cant. I don't know how many amps are going to anything however. I do not have a multimeter. Almost bought one today but to be honest I have no clue how to use one.
    I checked every fuse I could find. As well as swapped some of the enclosed fuses to make sure that they all worked.

    I'm at my wits end with the window problem. As most know the master switch is NOT cheap. I surely don't want to buy a switch and turn out not to be the problem.

    I have no problem preforming the work that needs done I just don't know what it needs.

    Also while I was gone the rear AC stopped working. However I fixed that problem this morning with a new expansion valve. Needless to say, all my kids are happier.
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  2. Crazycoyote82

    Crazycoyote82 New Member

    Anybody have any ideas??
  3. murdog94

    murdog94 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    I am just curious have you looked into a new window switch for the drivers door?? I know that on my 88 (older but similar principals) i had a bad switch that was allowing the motor to move (sending voltage) but the window was so slow it didnt seem to move.. Now i am wondering if there is voltage running thru but not enough juice to move the window???
  4. Crazycoyote82

    Crazycoyote82 New Member

    I havent bought one yet based on the price of the switch. ($50-$100 used to new). With 4 kids its tough to replace parts hoping thats what fixes it ya know?
  5. murdog94

    murdog94 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    Oh i completely understand.. Have you looked on Craigslist auto parts yet looking for someone parting out a related truck?? And to bad you dont have a volt meter to tell you how many volts exactly are going to the motor.. That would really clear things up.. But from the sounds of it when you removed the door panel and moved the switches it moved the connections inside enough for them to work again. That is why i was agreeing with you thinking it was the multi switch... Since things dot just start working like that with out opening an avenue for the power to travel down..
    I wish i was more help but i was just trying to help you get more info...
  6. Crazycoyote82

    Crazycoyote82 New Member

    I think my next step is going to be a volt meter. Anyplace online that has a list of sorts for various parts and what there reading should be?
  7. metaled05

    metaled05 New Member

    Just wondering if you ever figured out this problem?
  8. Crazycoyote82

    Crazycoyote82 New Member

    i wish but sadly no.

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