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    I know you are all getting tired of hearing about this, but I thought I would ask anyway. First, I'm new to this site. I have a 1995 Chevy Suburban C1500 2WD. It is handy and I do like it. I also own a 1994 Pontiac GA SE Coupe. You can guess which one gets better MPG. I drive 28 miles round trip 5 days a week. My wife really HATES the Pontiac, but absolutely LOVES the Suburban! It is getting costly to keep both and isn't practical for parking in the yard. Is there any way I can make it get better than 15mpg? What have others tried? I know it is in need of a tune up, but I'm told that won't help. I drive it like a grandma as of late and I edged 16mpg once. No, I'm sorry, but I've forgotten the rear end ratio. It has positrac and a tow package. I could look it up. It has 187,000 on it with a 350 and twice re- built 4L60E.
    Sorry this is long. Any ideas? I suppose the best thing would be to keep my wife happy...... Scott
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    Welcome to the site. I had a '96 1/2 ton ext. cab with the 350R, 3.73 gears and auto OD a few trucks back. I put true dual Flowmasters, KnN air filter and Hypertech tuner (total of aprox. $650 in '97) and got to around 18mpg. Your Sub' is probably a little heavier than my pickup was, but with the advancement of tuners and "intakes" you should be able to get to that point. Good luck!
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    Welcome to the site Scott! There are a few things you can do to incease MPG as well as performance. You can try a Hypertech performance chip, a better breathing aircleaner or cold air intake (like K&N), and you could put aftermarket exhaust on it to help the engine breathe better.
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    depending on what gears you have, you could change them and probably get better milage, but you would sacrifice torque.
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    Thanks for the great replies! What are people saying these days about TBI Spacers? Do they do any good at all? Even though this 'Burb has the tow package I will rarely ever use it so performance is not an issue. With that said I think if it does perform better it 'might' not have to work as hard therefore saving some fuel. Make sense? Thanks,Scott
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    You should be able to get up to 20mpg with the old TBI 350, my parents got 20-22 on the hwy with a 92 and it was 4x4 all they did was keep it in tune. So start with a FULL tune-up, then run a tank of gas and see where you are at. Maybe you dont have the right rear gearing either, I am sure somene that is more educated on gear ratios can chime in. you already said that it needs a tune so get er dun. And it will help, maybe even up 2mpg. i recently took mine and had cleaner run through it not just the stuff you put IN the gas but the kind that hooks directly into the engine and runs for 30 minutes or so, that gave my 99 about 1.5mpg
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