1995 Tahoe - bogging down - no power

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  1. BluezMom

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    My 95 Tahoe has been giving me fits - we repair one thing and then something else goes wrong! Here's the latest issue that I'm hoping someone can help me diagnose: We just did tune it up, shortly thereafter, the rear end decided to go .... well, $1400 later, it now acts like it has no power. It's not really missing out - no valves chattering - it's almost like I got a tank of bad gas. When the motor is cold, it's not bad. When the motor warms up, it starts to 'bog down' - when I take off, at about 30 mph, and if I'm cruising in overdrive. If I run in Drive at a constant speed (65-ish), it doesn't do it. I checked eveything obvious to me - plug wires, vaccuum hoses, changed the fuel filter, etc. What else should I check? Is there something underneath that may have been unhooked while replacing the rear end that maybe didn't get re-connected? Being a woman and a driveway mechanic (out of necessity, not necassarily by choice) I appreciate any advise that any one can give me.
  2. chevyman1264

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    Try replacing the fuel pump under the drivers door inside the frame rail, mine had this problem because the fuel filter was nearly completely stopped up...
  3. ChevyFan

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    Fuel filter clog is a common problem that could lead to your issues. Give it a try and see what becomes of it.
  4. johnnybubu

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    also try catalytic converter

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