1996 Chevy selling problems???

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by Rbernsdo, Feb 22, 2012.

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    A carfax should clear up any questions about the actual mileage. Every time you get it inspected, they are supposed to log the mileage. if there is a jump from 97,000 to 199,000 in a year, it is clear that something is not right.
  2. Rbernsdo

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    I am located in Duluth, MN but currently at Nellis AFB for a couple more weeks. I have no problem selling, not nervous at all, let them ask all the questions. Unfortunately they ask in depth about the mileage and everyone wants lots of detail about it, so it is basically a catch 22. The title says not rq under odometer, So i'm not sure what would help in that. i would love to hold on to it, but the longer I do, the less its worth and being 21 years old, I'm sure I will end up uprgarding vehicles for myself or when I get married, my wife. Financially I am able to afford something under 10g with around a 3500-4000 down payment from selling my truck. I'm sure someone will buy it at some point, now the next question will be to buy a 03 1500 z71 for 9000 out the door from a dealership with 130,000 on it, or buying a 99-02 with a little less mileage and no loan... decisions decisions, I should just deploy so I can buy something brand new!
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    One would think it'd be easier and cheaper to buy a Voltmeter gauge instead of swapping out the entire cluster -- and have to contend with explaining the milage difference. That's how I'd do it anyway. If you have the original cluster -- maybe it'll be to your advantage to swap in the orginal and add a voltmeter gauge instead.

    Sadly -- there's a lot of tire kickers out there that have nothing better to do with their time than wasting yours. They don't have any money... never did. They'll tell you they can't get the cash... because all they really wanted to do is test drive something they can't own. I've dealt with a lot of these types of dirt bags. Most of them from Craigslist too.

    If you have the tool, or can afford to pay someone to do it -- get a compression and leakdown test done to the engine. That'll put a perspective buyer's mind at ease about the engine's condition. That worked miracles for me trying to sell a 18 year old snowmobile that was in pristine condition. Showed the viewer my service manual specs stating the compression for a "new/healthy" engine. Rolled it over with the gauge with the guy present... he handed over some cash and left with the sled. Easy sell.

    Good luck!
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    If it was me I would be honest and try to explain to them that it doesn't have the original cluster don't act like its a big deal just act casual about it. When they ask the miles say the odometer say 210 but that's not right it actually has less and explain to them why. Any intelligent person would understand. Also if they shoot a price on the phone bad sign it shows that they are dumb :) don't even talk about price on the phone . If they ask what you are asking for it tell them but don't negotiate on the phone it makes them look stupid and makes you look like your rushing to sell it. Its a nice truck with the most popular engine in history its worth 3500 . If it was me I'd ask what it's worth maybe a couple hundred less . I mean with the actual miles not with what the odometer says. And let them talk you Down. It's a good looking truck don't give it away. Its not the truck or you it's mostly stupid buyers and maybe you coming off to strong about the odometer. Good luck and keep us posted
  5. Rbernsdo

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    thanks for all the advice guys! I will let you know how it goes, and post pictures of the new truck when I get it!
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    You could come down even more in price and attract a new set of lookers or get the old ones to come back again . I just sold my 96 half ton Chev. by taking it to a car broker located at the edge of town and paying him a fee to park it there and sell it for me it sold in 1 day . I tried fliers ,ads,word of mouth, Craigslist . Got a few window shoppers and then it kind of went dead . You might consider getting another dash cluster with a more accurate odometer reading . It might be an option . Your job may consist of spending a tad bit more on that truck by correcting that mileage reading and lowering the price a bit . Or drive it until it is worth scrap price and bank your money for a later date . It sounds to me like you really have a pretty nice truck right now , with a long life left in it . At 21 I would think a paid for truck is kind of a blessing .
  7. Rbernsdo

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    leftywoody, it sounds like a good idea and all, but as far as correcting the mileage, the title shows not rq under odometer, so regardless the question will be raised at some point. It is a great truck, I know it will go forever and I would love to keep it. I really like the 2003, something that has drawn my attention for a while. I trust my truck anywhere, but being 16 years old, never having to replace the motor or transmission, I feel that if I keep it 1) something will go wrong down the road that will require a lot of work and bleeding when I don't have the time for it, and 2) I would love to have a newer vehicle with everything originally working so that when it does go wrong, I have no problem pinpointing it, and keeping a detailed log of everything that has been done. I have found a few 1 owner trucks with low mileage in my price limit that would not burden any of my financial responsibilities as of right now. Plus, I have done so much work researching, negotiating and so on that my heart is set on a couple year newer vehicle. I would have loved this truck right out of high school, but Within a few years I know I will have a family and a house so the last thing I want to worry about is an older truck and having to stick money into it at some point when I don't have it. There are a couple kids a few years younger than me that are googly eyed wanting it, and I think it would work out for both of us financially and emotionally lol. I'd love to keep it for my kids some day, just don't have the space, time or money to do so. Thanks for all the input though. It is very appreciated! Ryan
  8. Rbernsdo

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    update on the chev... got a call from my girlfriend who is driving it back home since we got a late blizzard while i was gone she calls me crying saying i think i broke your truck...she says that it feels as if she is on ice, it revs up and doesnt go anywhere then clunks hard and starts going again. One of two things, either she actually is on ice and her blonde hair is showing its true colors, or possible clutch/ tranny issue. Had my dad go and trailer it, he said it drove fine up onto the trailer but smelled a little burnt. It wasn't leaking any tranny fluid and he said that the color of the fluid checked out... oh the joys of being gone from home. Regardless, this will be the last time I let the significant other drive the truck, she doesn't seem to have the best of luck with vehicles. If I ever buy her one i think i will take an old 4x4 s10 and weld bumpers around the entire thing. UGHHHH!:no:
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    Is there now a plan B

    First , thank you for your service . Second ,if you are going to have to fix the trans . That may be another 1800 bucks give or take . This may be the selling point for the future buyer or the reason you decide to keep it for a few more years . I wish you well and a cheap repair .
  10. Rbernsdo

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    Thank you, my dads a bit of a motor head, he figured it was the tranny, called a couple transmission shops, they confirmed that a grenade went off inside my tranny. quoted between 1500-2000... i'm guessing more towards 2000, now the question sits... do i try sell it as is or do i fix it and never get a dime out of it... if only we could all win the lotto eh?

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