1996 Chevy selling problems???

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by Rbernsdo, Feb 22, 2012.

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    Call Chesneys and see what they want for a 4L60E for your truck. I live in Duluth as well (well live in Cloquet and work in Duluth), and if they want a high amount look on CL for a used on here or in the cities.. Problem up here right now is no one wants a 4wd (thanks to the mellow winter, and gas being $3.67 a gallon)

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    Also country boy in Wisconsin.. basically the local salvage yards.. if your dad has space to change it then for around $500 and a weekend you can swap it over.
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    Wish you lived closer to me.. I have been thinkin bout buying a truck that style ever since i dropped mine. Need something higher off the ground.
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    Update on the Chevy, just got it back from the shop today, 1500 bucks :grrrrrr:.... BUT, put on new electrical components, new clutches inside, torque converter etc etc, he told me that the inside of the transmission looked like someone was hauling a train uphill for thousands of miles with it to the boards, wish I could have seen. Anyways, everything looks good as of now, especially with everything that he replaced and what not. He told me to run back in a couple weeks and they will double check everything with it on the lift and run the computer on it to make sure no codes are popping up and he said to stop by after a while for a tranny flush too. When he walked over to my truck and opened the door to check if my keys were in it, he noticed the door was squeaking and wouldnt let me leave before he sprayed it down with some high quality stuff, so far I am pretty happy but my checkbook isn't.
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    Well, if anyone still reads this, the 96 chevy (old blue) finally went down the road, sold it yesterday and moved up a little bit. I am now the owner of a 2003 Silverado 1500 Z71 with the 5.3 in it. I love it so far, and it is in excellent shape. Will post pictures soon
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    Congrats men.

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