1996 Chevy Suburban K1500 4wd 5.7

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    I have considerable steering wheel slop and swaying while driving. I replaced the sway control kit. I will replace shocks with heavy duty shocks. I suspect I will get a firmer ride and less sway but probably not eliminate the steering slop.

    How do I know if the slop is from the pitman arm or more from the steering gearbox? Which should I tackle first or are there other contributors to this?
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    easiest way to tell if its gearbox or steering/suspension parts is have someone look at the steering parts (gear box, etc) while you take the steering wheel through the slop only. if when you turn the wheel in the slop and there is no movement in the pitman arm etc it is gear box. if you see the pitman move before it translates to the rest of the steering its probably the pitman as the pitman arm is connected to the gearbox by teeth. If the play is at the linkage end of the pitman arm then make sure to test the rest of the steering and suspension parts (ie, tie rods, idler arm, ball joints etc). if its the gearbox sometimes there is a minor adjustment screw on the gearbox itself otherwise it needs to be replaced. I used to drive a E300 van that had about 1/4 turn of play in the steering wheel (and it was a big steering wheel since it was pre power steering) that was all in the box. Never fixed it cuz you couldnt find gearboxes for it in the junk yards because of how common it was. wasnt too bad once you got used to it.
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    Thanks David

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