1996 GMC Suburban 4X4 issue

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    ROCKTA New Member

    My truck will not go into 4 WD. When I press either the 4 Low or 4 High there is a clunking noise and the lights on the switch just blinks. Any ideas? Tim

    ROCKTA New Member

    BTW the fuse is good so I'm assuming its the ACTUATOR. Help?
  3. jasonlepak

    jasonlepak New Member

    Usually if the lights on the buttons start blinking it means the drivetrain encountered an error while trying to switch to the requested mode.

    If possible, see if you can tell where the noise is coming from. If it's in the front it's likely an actuator.
    If it's coming from the transfer case, it could be a couple of things.

    ROCKTA New Member

    I must be mistaken about the clunk. There is no noise when the button is pushed. Right now its a little cold to get out under the truck. Need to check for broken wires also.

  5. rwdelling

    rwdelling New Member

  6. Pikey

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    great video! I usually just put it in 4x4, climb under it and see if I can turn the front drive shaft by hand. If I can then the t-case is not engaging. If I can't then I pull the front actuator and check it out.

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