1996 k1500. NO RUN!!!

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by RAV52202, Jun 12, 2012.

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    The few mechanics that i spoke to all said the same thing with out me telling them that some one else said they thought it was a security problem. They all said the same thing almost word for word. It may not need a new computer but some of them said they have tryed to have the computer reflashed and it wouldnt work. SO for 100 bucks for a new computer ready to plug and play. I will probably send my old one out after the new one is in and running and have that reprogrammed so I have a spare. I would rather not mess around trying to get the dealer to do it and not charge me both my legs and one arm.

    I will keep everyone updated on the repair.
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    Ok so I finally got the truck running. Didnt work on it everyday but did spend a lot of time on it. SO i had to replace the fuel pump twice because i got a bad one. Had to replace to computer. I replaced the fuel pressure regulator. I replaced all fuel line. I ran all new power and ground wires to pump. I replaced fuel filter and cleaned the spider unit. She runs like a champ now. I can say that i know a lot about my truck now. Thanks to everyone for there help. Any questions on what I did just ask.

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