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  1. le4ge

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    I have a 1996 chevy suburban with 286000 miles on it. Its had a rebuilt aengine and trans. I put ball joints and u joints in last year. beautiful shape. but just recently the check engine light came on. I called a mechanic with the code it threw EGR i vacuum tested the EGR and cleaned it and put it back in same thing. so I thought the only thing left was the EGR solenoid. didnt help.It smells like its running really rich and idles @ 1200 rpm. runs a little rough. I forgot to clear the codes but this is what it has right now code32 and 35. I"m a small engine mech. not a car mech. please help
    thank you Tim
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  2. mjalstad

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    Did you replace the EGR or just clean it?
  3. Z71_guy

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    may want to try and replacing the EGR
  4. ct9a

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    You should replace the EGR, they are notorious for going bad.
  5. le4ge

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    I replaced the egr valve and solenoid, checked the wiring and vac. lines still get a code 35
  6. jlsparky7

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    Try spraying your MAF with some electrical cleaner.

    Just looked up code 35 its....

    IAC valve or circuit
    idle speed control circuit(shorted)

    The IAC should be right infront of or behind your throttle body. While you have the intake hose off spray the MAF with ELECTRICAL cleaner and the throttle body and IAC with CARB cleaner. Wouldnt hurt to hit it with some seafoam with the high miles.
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