1996 tahoe with trans problems

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  1. kenkim8283

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    I have a 96 chevy tahoe. I would like to get the trans replaced for a decent price. but i was also wondering if i was to buy either a 700r4 if that will work, as far as a direct bolt up and take right off. or ifi found a a 4l60e trans that is 2x4 and just replace the rear tailshaft. Can anyone help me out??

  2. 84fiero123

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    The bone yards have what they call substitution books, that would be my suggestion to give a local one a call and ask them. I’m not sure myself, maybe someone else here knows.
  3. kenkim8283

    kenkim8283 New Member

    Plese Help Me!!!!

    cAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!:confused:
  4. MrShorty

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    As I understand it, the 4L60E is essentially a fully electronically controlled 700R4. Putting a 700R4 into your '96 will require reprogramming of the computer to account for the non-electronic controls in the 700R4.

    From what I understand, yes, you simply need to replace the rear tailshaft/tail housing to convert a 2x4 to a 4x4. However (you knew there would be a however, right?), the tailshaft is usually the very last thing removed when disassembling a transmission. This means that you must disassemble the transmission in order to replace the tailshaft. Which is usually what you are trying to avoid when a question like this is asked.

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