1996 Transfer case problems

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by bigbadbikerdude, Jun 14, 2010.

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    I have a 1996 K2500 Chevy Suburban LT 454 ci. with 4x4 (shift on the floor). When I put the vehicle in Drive, it will move forward until I approach a moderate speed and then slip out of gear, yet the speedometer pegs at 100mph. When I let off the accelerator and the vehicle slows down, it slams back into gear. The vehicle drives properly in 4 wheel drive and appears to go thru all the gears. I don't know if only the front tires are pulling, but it doesn't slam into gear when I slow down. I've been told it was the transfer case, but I wonder if its some electrical switch in the transfer case as well? Will replacing the transfer case actuator motor fix the problem, or is it more involved than that?
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    I haven't done much with the VSS on these, but it looks like the VSS is attached to the rear output of the transfer case on my '98 (assuming it is the same on your '96). If this is the case, I would more suspect something broken in the rear diff. If the VSS is on the t-case output, then a "slip" in the tcase would not cause the speedometer to jump like that.

    1st thing I'd probably do would be to open the rear diff and make sure it looks ok.

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