1997 C1500 Extended Cab Silverado

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    5.7 Vortec
    163k mi.

    (6k. on rebuilt trans)

    I am the 3rd owner of this truck. I've had it approximately 2 years. The previous owner was a former co worker of mine and the 1st owner was her brother in law.

    The good:

    I've been going through the truck since I purchased it and have changed the following;
    - a/c compressor & drier
    - battery, alternator
    - drive belt, idler pulley and tensioner
    - a/c control panel, blower motor regulator
    - inner door handles (both), all the hinge pins and bushings (my doors don't hang and they close like a new truck)
    - brake booster
    - intake manifold and valve cover gaskets
    - maf, full tune up (cap, rotor, wires, plugs, fuel filter)
    - rebuilt trans
    - trans mount, carrier bearing, rear main seal, u-joints
    - headlamp switch
    -radiator & hoses

    I also recently picked up a brand new keyless entry remote. Previous owner did a fuel pump and water pump prior to selling to me.

    I wanted to build a truck that looked good and could be driven anywhere without a AAA card in my wallet.

    Truck is lowered 2/4 with Bell Tech spindles and Bell Tech drop leafs. (that's right, leafs, not hangers and shackles). Truck has been lowered for almost a year. While installing the lowering kit, I also changed the following;
    - inner and outer tie rods
    - pitman arm
    - idler arm
    - upper and lower ball joints
    - inner and outer bearings
    - front pads and rotors
    - all new shocks
    The upper control arms were notched for proper wheel alignment.

    Truck currently sits on KMC XD 656 22" wheels, on 265/35 22's with good tread life left to the tires. It has 1.25" spacers to correct the offset.

    Under the bed you'll find a set of Hornblasters horns. This isn't that 299.99 triple chrome garbage from eBay. This is a Hornblasters.com Shocker 540 kit also known as Conductor's Special Model 540 Train Horn Kit.

    The interior is pretty much just a stock gray interior. It has newer model sun visors and an Alpine CD head unit.

    I may have forgotten a thing or 2 as I write this that I've done or changed.

    The bad:

    Check engine light is on and has been on for about 9 or 10 months. It's showing a code for low cat efficiency. I have a scanner, I can show you. Basically it's telling you the convertor isn't cleaning the smog as good as it should. It is not clogged and does not rattle. I have not had a loss in power or lost any fuel mileage per gallon. I have not changed the cats out only because I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep it stock or put headers & a performance exhaust under it.

    There is also a crack in the dash. There is a place in Hollywood that sells a thin plastic dash cover that replicates a new dash. I was going to put this on before I decided to sell it.

    The truck stops but it does need back brakes. Just the drums to be exact. I have a new set of shoes sitting in the garage. I didn't put them on only because the drums really show their age and are glazed pretty good.

    The truck is also in need of paint. Other than a few small dings, the truck doesn't need body work. It has a bedliner in the bed, but you should know it's not a good one, it's pretty much done. I pulled all the ugly moldings and badges as you can see in the pictures and it also has a fiberglass roll pan.

    It was a tough decision I fought back and forth with about selling this truck. It has come a long way and is a great start for someone to finish a nice truck. I'm asking $4500 for it as it sits.

    2010-11-25 09.22.29.jpg 2010-11-25 09.23.11.jpg 2010-11-25 09.22.14.jpg
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    Might have missed it, but how much you looking to get for it?
  3. Partsguy198

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    Nope, you didn't miss it, I forgot to list it ... asking $4500 for it as it sits.
  4. ejohnson03

    ejohnson03 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Where about is it or you located?

    Any rust on the truck?
  5. Partsguy198

    Partsguy198 New Member

    There is no rust on it, it is and always has been a Florida truck. Originally came from Okeechobee, currently resides in Broward county. Which is the Ft. Lauderdale area.
  6. Partsguy198

    Partsguy198 New Member

    Truck is sold.

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