1997 C1500 Suburban Blown Transmssion

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    The transmission on my 1997 C1500 Suburban is done; I was pulling on to route 22 with moderate acceleration when I felt a big "thud" and an engine rev. The "Old Girl" kept going (she's so darn tough) but shifting is tentative and she has no reverse. I've had her since she was new and now have 275k miles on the original drivetrain with a new intake manifold gasket (5.7), fuel pump, 5 starters, and rear axle seals. Any suggestions on the replacement trans or what else I should have done during the process? I have been reading about Jasper reman units and wondered if anyone had any experience to share. I am not opposed to new or even an upgrade. I plan to keep this truck as long as I can and would love to see 500K come up on the odo some day. BTW this is not a job I plan to tackle myself as I don't currently have a good work space or the time (unfortunately) and I am open to suggestions and recommendations. Thanks in advance for feedback.
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    I will warn you that any tranny work is a pain and take special tools. But for an upgrade I would suggest replacing your 4L60e with a 4L65e which is a direct replacement but its build a little stronger and its a little beffier. You shouldn't have to change anything on the truck all the harnesses should be the same as should all the mounting points as the 4L65e is just a modified 4L60e with stronger parts.

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